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FAQ’s for Clip-ins and Add-Ons

Q. Will clip-in and add-on extensions damage the client’s hair?

A. As long as the hair is in good condition (not brittle and breaking due to over-processing or severely dry or damaged), the clip-in extensions and add-ons are perfectly safe to use as often as you wish.

Q. How do I install the clip-in extensions and add-ons to keep them from sliding?

A. For clip-ins, a small amount of back-combing and/or a little hairspray at the attachment points will create a secure anchor. For add-ons that wrap around the hair, a couple of bobby pins will hold them securely in place.

Q. How much do the clients expect to pay for these types of hair extension products?

A. When clients come to the salon, it’s important to note that they are not simply paying for the hair extension products, but are also receiving a valuable service. They will be shown how to properly prepare and install the product and for clip-in systems, these often need to be trimmed and cut to blend with the natural hair. The amount charged by the salon professional will take this into consideration and it is up to the individual stylist to determine the value of the product plus the service.

WORD TO THE WISE: If it’s obvious that hair extensions are being worn, they are
not the right product. Good quality hair extensions will blend seamlessly with the natural
hair and no one will be able to tell the difference. You should be able to add length,
volume or use extension products to highlight, lowlight or dress up a style.
The possibilities are endless!


Caring For Your Extensions and Add-On Hair

Prior to washing, gently comb to remove any tangles. If the hair is very tangled, use a spray-on conditioner before washing. Use a conditioning shampoo and warm water to gently work lather from the ends to the scalp. Do not scrub and always rinse hair from scalp to ends. Follow with conditioner avoiding the tape line. Gently squeeze out excess moisture using a towel and with a hair dryer on a low setting, dry the tape areas prior to drying the rest of the hair. All thermal tools should be used on a low setting to avoid scorching the hair and the tape areas should be avoided to prevent heating of the tape and slippage of the panel. Steam rollers are the safest way to curl your extensions again, avoiding the tape line. It is recommended to braid or tie your hair when sleeping; only professional stylists should cut and style your extensions; do not use colour or bleach on the extensions; keep conditioning and shine products that contain silicones away from the attachment point of your extensions as these products can cause them to slip.

  • Do not comb or brush your extensions when wet as this will put strain on the hair

  • Do not deposit colour using a high volume developer – the maximum colour that can be deposited is 2 levels

  • Do not bleach

  • Any cutting or styling should be done by a salon professional – remember, once cut, it doesn’t grow back!